Sunday, 6 September 2009

Olly & Suzi - Arctic Desert Ocean Jungle

This is a book about a couple who have travelled over the world drawing various animals, and then leaving their drawings/paintings by the animals, and photographing their reaction. It really is incredible looking at, for instance, a great white shark eating a picture of itself. They try to encourage the animals to interact with the work.

It is truly remarkable how close Olly and Suzi get to some animals, especially wolves, lions and cheetahs, and, a great white shark.

'Our art-making process is concerned with a collaborative, mutual response to nature at its most primitive and wild.' (an artists statement)

I think this work is brilliant and such a great idea for new art. It is also magnificent how their art, to themselves, is based upon what they draw and what they see with their own eyes but, to everyone else, photography is the crucial factor to see and understand their work.

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