Sunday, 27 September 2009

Alan Cristea Gallery

This gallery is situated on 31 &34 Cork Street. It is a lovely small gallery that is just off Green Park. During holidays, one of my favorite past times is visiting galleries and museums. This area of London is wonderful for small, privately owned galleries, along Cork Street, Albemarle Street etc. The reason I have highlighted on the Alan Cristea Gallery, is that when I first visited this particular gallery, there was a wonderful show, exhibiting the artist, Julian Opie's work. It is a shame I am not able to show you quite how some of the images work, but it is very simple and clever, and uses the light. When you walk around the images they change, from where you are looking at them from. The first image is called, 'This is Shahnoza 1' (2006) 'His work involves the reduction of photographs, and short films into figurative reproductions' - (created using computer software)

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