Sunday, 6 September 2009

12 Angry Men

The plot of the film is very simple. There are 12 jurors deciding whether or not a boy has killed his father. The punishment will be a death sentence. Henry Fonda is magnificent. He plays an architect who at first is the only juror to claim the boy of being 'not guilty' to the 11 others 'guilty'. Throughout the film, he convinces the other 11 jurors of the boy's innocence. He takes a lot of abuse from them along the way and the plot is mesmerising.

Bar two very minor scenes, the entire film takes place in one room. Apart from two of the jurors exchanging names at the end, there are also no names used in the film. It is in black and white and the idea of the film is simple, 12 jurors, all men, discuss a court case.

It is an extraordinarily powerful film.

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