Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pompidou Centre

I remember when I first went to the Pompidou Centre, I was onyl 14 years old with my father. I was just starting to get into the idea of modern art, and upon seeing the Centre I was shocked and excited by the style and design of the building. It had been designed in such a cool and wacky way and had a very loud character to it.

Inside the centre is the most beautiful range of modern art, and if your ever in Paris, it is definitely worth popping in.

Yves Klein

As I am sure you can see from the way Klein works, his style is unusual to say the least. But actually very dramatic, fun and exciting. Yves Klein is an artist who I briefly studied a couple of years ago, but never truly understood his work, or the reason behind his work. New York critics of his time described him as neo-Dada. He is an artist I would like to research into further.  

Sam Winston

Words are as much a part of Graphic Design as images. These are some detailed explorations of the written word by Sam Winston. This work is about the amazing relationship you can create between written language and visual language through design. I was reading through the magazine, 'Grafik' and came across this work, and it inspired me so much. I love the use of the old school pencil being used, and as if the text is being flowed somewhere else unknown.


Tibidabo is a mountain overlooking Barcelona, and as you can see has some incredible views of the city. To reach the top, I had to take a train, then tram, and then another train. At the top, there is an amusement theme park, which is the oldest in Barcelona, and only until further research did I hear that it contains all of the oldest rides. The view is spectacular and it really is a beautiful place to get away from real life for a couple of hours.