Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jasper Johns

'0 through 9', 1960 - (Charcoal on paper) - The point of his numbers paintings, Johns emphasized, was not to make anything useful but to reflect the physical effort of painting the picture and the reaction when it was viewed.

This image above is called Gray Alphabets, 1956. (Beeswax and oil on newsprint and paper on canvas.)

Periscope (Hart Crane), 1963 - Oil on Canvas

He used mixed media, and a lot of the time his work has layers and layers of paper or newspaper, giving the final piece a beautiful effect, especailly as the closer you look the more you can learn from the piece.

Jasper Johns had a massive effect and influence on a lot of my work, mainly during A Level Art and Design. I loved his use of patterns, but also from my opinion his accuracy and the lines he created with colour.

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