Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly is a very unique artist, and his style is between drawing and painting. When I first visited the Tate Modern, his well known paintings, 'the four seasons' fascinated me. Some people have described his art as a school blackboard as there are lots of scribbles in a sort of graffiti and calligraphic style.

When I first started being interested in art, particulalry modern art, I was fascinated by the use of text on image. I think the reason that Twombly's work is so appealing is the way he manages to use so much light in his paintings. If he paints a dark painting, he somehow backs it up with light from either the canvas or other colours. His four seasons are my favourite paintings in the world. They compliment each other phenominally well. I think the idea of painting a picture based on the four different type's of weather is a beautiful idea. He has established this style of his own and managed to paint it in a way that no one else, even if they tried, could come close to - taking over his vision of our four seasons, winter, autumn, spring and summer.

'At the heart of the exhibition is Twombly's work exploring the cycles associated with seasons, nature and the passing of time.' (The Tate Modern, 2008)

I'd like to finish talking about his work by saying, as soon as I saw his four seasons, I fell in love with this artist. When you walk into a room, his work draws your eye in at 1000 miles an hour.

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