Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Antoni Gaudi

Having been to visit Barcelona in the summer, there are many amazing things I can discuss about the city, but one of the defining pieces of art, design and certainly Architecture is the work of Antoni Gaudi.

His work has a very particular style, that certainly isn’t everybody’s genre, but definitely one I feel can grow on you. Some of his buildings are larger than others, but the style is so unique, and having lived in London, a different major city my whole life, to walk up a street in Barcelona and have a Gaudi building in front of you is just amazing, and very, very different. I think Gaudi’s style is opinionated, but cannot be ignored.

His work has certainly influenced the face of Barcelona Architecture, with his work all over the city.

He uses curved stone, and has ornamented many of his buildings with coloured tiles arranged in mosaic patterns. The use of colour in his work is very random, but I feel that it works.

It is amazing how influential his work is. When thinking of Barcelona, an automatic reaction is to think of Gaudi. This just goes to show that his uniqueness and abnormal shaped buildings is one of the sole reasons to his success and worldwide fame.

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